Bang On

Inspiration In My Dark Time
August 11, 2017


I had a reading with you before the summer and I just wanted to validate how bang on it was! You told me come fall I would feel like I needed something more career wise and it was totally accurate. I felt super contained at work and definitely wanted out. You told me it was like I would have an inside scoop on my new job, almost like a friend or someone knows of a job and you described my new hair salon having a rock and roll feel and that it was bigger than my current salon, almost like it has two levels.

Well, in the summer I felt a pull to go to my friends spin class and after we were talking and he asked me about work and when he picked up on me not being thrilled he was like OMG you have to meet J., his salon is so cool, the way it’s designed it’s just cool and there’s second level! Then I ended up meeting J., he WASN’T hiring and offered me a job and in two weeks I started… my work station being on the second level/loft. There is also a huge photo of Elvis on the wall and the salon plays mostly alternative or soft rock so yep, bang on in with everything! Definitely a bit of a rock and roll feel! When my friend told me there was a second level in the salon my jaw might’ve dropped. Even down to how I heard about the salon you picked up on.

You also described a really great guy coming into my life. He hasn’t showed up yet, I think for a while I didn’t believe it could happen for me, but lately I’ve really been setting the intention and connecting with the feeling of him. I do wonder how or where it’s going to happen, but I am definitely excited to have love in my life! And I am excited to email you and tell you that he has arrived and that he is as great as you said he would be!

I’m sure you hear things like this all the time, but I thought I would let you know anyway because it’s just so fun!

Have a great New Year!!


[Published with permission.]

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