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Canadian Medium Kim Dennis discovers family link to Jack the Ripper– begins investigation into the case

October 17, 2016
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I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love and a little drunk.
September 5, 2016
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December 30, 2016

Jack the Ripper Press Release

K im Dennis, Canadian Clairvoyant Medium, discovers a family connection to a Jack the Ripper suspect: Plans are in the works to conduct her own investigation to uncover the potential truth to the rumour.

Calgary, Alberta Canada – October 17, 2016 – It’s a mystery that has stumped police and the public for 128 years. Five women, one killer, walking the dark streets of Whitechapel in London, 1888. Kim Dennis, psychic medium and radio and television personality (Antique Psychic, Dearly Departed), has stumbled on an opportunity to delve deep into her family roots to find out more information about her connection to the killer.

Dennis, who lives in Calgary, was born in Scarborough, Ontario. She recently conducted a DNA ancestry test to determine her family heritage. Some of the details didn’t surprise her—while other facts took her on a path to the famous murders.

“I always knew there was Irish and English in my background,” she says. “I also found out there was some Norse lineage as well. I thought that was the end of it. Then linked me to relatives in England. One in particular gave me more information about our relatives, including two brothers, John and Daniel McCarthy—who were connected to the Jack the Ripper case in some really interesting ways.”

J ohn McCarthy, who was also called “Jack”, emigrated from Ireland to London and became business and property owner until his death in 1935. Daniel was a younger sibling who co-invested and co-managed properties with his brother.

“I found out that John and Daniel are my cousins three times removed--a nephew to my great, great grandfather Timothy McCarthy,” Dennis says. “They were well-known slum landlords and grocers in the Whitechapel area, including 13 Miller’s Court, 26 Dorset Street. They rented rooms to three of the Ripper victims.”

While two victims were murdered off site from their rented spaces, John McCarthy let a room to Kelly; an Irish prostitute, and her male partner Joe Barnett. She was mutilated beyond recognition and is believed to be the Ripper’s final victim.

On the morning of November 9, 1888, John McCarthy sent his assistant Thomas Bowyer to collect past-due rent from Kelly. Peeping through a window into the room, he saw the grisly scene and reported it McCarthy, who ultimately gave testimony of what they discovered during an inquest. Historical records list several suspects, but never any convictions. However, modern sleuths are now re-examining the possibility the Dennis’ relative may have been the real Ripper. In the spirit of Halloween, she is curious to follow the trail to the truth.

“There are a lot of interesting details and theories around John McCarthy’s relationship with Mary Kelly, and maybe even the reasons for her murdering her,” she adds. “Some witnesses talked about seeing someone watching the area around the Kelly murder, while another they saw another man who ran from the scene. So there is a possibility that Daniel may have been involved with his brother. This is begging for more questions, and I want to put my skills to work to put the pieces together and perhaps solve the mystery.”

Kim Dennis is no stranger to solving cold cases. As a champion of connecting to missing and murdered loved ones, she has previously assisted several families and organizations such as Missing Children Alberta for free, to bring some sense of closure and potentially, answers for police and investigative teams. Some missing persons have also been identified as ‘alive’ by Dennis, and months later, they have turned up to their family safely. She has spent several years trying to solve the mystery of Hinton. Alberta resident Shelly Anne Bacsu, who had gone missing and believed to have been murdered 33 years ago. She is planning to work with experts in Hinton to search key areas next spring to help uncover more details. Kim also assisted in finding Sandra Mykytiuk-Evans and Mike Grefner.

For the Ripper murders, her first steps begin with connecting with her family members in London and potentially tap into John (Jack) McCarthy himself. Two years ago, Dennis took part in the Jack the Ripper Tour through Whitechapel which has given her some familiarity with the case.

In addition, she already has experience a psychic connection with whom she believes were three victims of Jack the Ripper, and also a man, a major suspect—Montague Druitt. Druitt was found drowned in the Thames in December 1888, just a month after the last murder of Mary Kelly. Many investigators believed that Druitt’s death was the signal of the end of the Ripper reign.

With this new additional information on her relatives John and Daniel McCarthy, the mystery expands and opens the door to new opportunities for further inquiry. It’s a challenge that Dennis is keen to investigate. She plans to visit London again in 2017 to put boots and her psychic instinct to the ground.

“The information is so intriguing and I’m really looking forward to discovering more,” she concludes. “I just want to see if there I anything new that comes up or confirms theories that have been determined by authorities and ‘Ripperologists’ but never proven.”


For more information on this release, or to schedule an interview, please contact Kim Dennis at +1 (403) 283-8424 or email to Please note, Calgary, Alberta, Canada is in Mountain Standard Time (MST and -6 GMT).

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