Inspiration In My Dark Time

Psychic Medium -- Clairvoyant Kim Dennis
Social Media Miracle: Deceased daughter uses modern technology and Clairvoyant Kim Dennis to communicate
December 30, 2016
Bang On
January 2, 2018


Years ago you predicted on the radio of Keith Urban marriage fail, and would marry an Australian….Nicole Kidman.

I was in a dark place at the time, coming down from a failed marriage of my own. I asked you about my love life in the future. You responded with…I see something revolving around the Stampede….but not necessarily “the Stampede”…it was around the same time. Shortly after I met a woman that worked at the Stampede concessions as a third job. We met through other friends at her Karaoke hosting job….2nd job. We have been together since June 15, 1992.

Thank you for your inspiration in my dark time. I love the woman that makes me whole and your insight to allow me to see and believe there is more, than where I was.



[Published with permission.]

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