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Psychic predictions for 2013: Gaze deep into our crystal ball

December 25, 2012
December 24, 2012
December 26, 2012

Metro asks two psychics to tell us what’s coming up next year in entertainment, sports and politics ... Calgary-based clairvoyant Kim Dennis, a regular guest on TV and radio programs, gives her vision of the new year.

P sychic Kim says…

On Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: I think they’ll probably get married. I think she’s found the one. I think there might be twins.

On Taylor Swift: The thing with Taylor Swift is she shouldn’t be settling down with anyone right now.

She’s supposed to be dating in her 20s. I think it’s just people’s perception that she’s always heartbroken. She’s taking her time finding love. I think she’ll fall in love this year at least twice. I think she’s right on track. She’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing.

On the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: It feels like it will be a girl with blond hair.

On Justin Bieber: I think he’ll be a legend like Donny Osmond. I think his success will continue to soar.

On politics: I think Obama will do a great job during the next four years. After him, the next president will be another first. It won’t be a woman, but maybe a Latino president. And I think he might be a Democrat.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi will get in again. He’ll be mayor for a while.

Justin Trudeau will win Liberal leadership, but I don’t see him becoming prime minister. I think Stephen Harper will get elected again.

Quebec won’t separate. There will always be a group who wants to, but the province will stay in Canada.


O ther predictions:

I think (Ugandan war criminal) Joseph Kony will be caught.

Something’s going to rock the Catholic Church. I know they’ve had lots of controversy. But it might be something that brings it to its knees. I think somebody big, like a monsignor, will reveal something that will shake up the Catholic Church.

I think there will be a tsunami again just after Christmas. I see the South Pacific, maybe around Australia.

There will be some sort of marijuana legalization in the next two years.

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