Sharing A Gift With Those That Need It Most

March 8, 2016
March 10, 2016

Kim, thank you very much for coming to my house and doing the readings yesterday. Everyone had a great experience and you brought them all much comfort and relief. You had a couple “skeptics” in the room, but they left my home believing. The accuracy to which you spoke to each and every one of us was very impressive. I was so worried that our spirits would get mixed up, but that wasn’t the case at all.

I also wanted to thank you for being so warm, welcoming and down to earth. I knew that about you already as I’ve met you before, but a few of my friends were expecting you as a “medium” to be weird or scary. When I told them you were just a “regular” person, they were surprised when you actually were. I mean “regular” with the most sincerity by the way 🙂 You felt like a long lost friend when I first met you, so thank you for just being yourself and sharing your extraordinary gifts with those that need it most.

I’ve seen you 3 times now since 2004. The first time was because I really needed it. The last two times was mainly to connect friends who needed it to you. I felt much relief and like a burden had been lifted when I first met you and I wanted others to experience that as well. Even though I didn’t necessarily “need” to see you the last two times, your messages continue to give me so much comfort that I feel like I could run a marathon after speaking to you (and I don’t typically like exercise :)).

Thank you again for coming over and sharing your gifts with some friends that very much needed it. I know you’ve had loss of your own with your friend passing recently and I thank you for coming to share your gift when maybe you didn’t feel like it.

Take care and thanks again!


[Published with permission.]

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  1. Ken O'Donahue says:

    Thx Kim for coming out to the country and sharing your gift; Although I was unsure about what to expect, I heard what I needed from past family members and appreciate you sharing, again thank you.🌞

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