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Social Media Miracle: Deceased daughter uses modern technology and Clairvoyant Kim Dennis to communicate

December 30, 2016
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Social Media Miracle Press Release

I t’s an anniversary that a parent would never want to celebrate. Ten years ago on December 20, in the small town of Coleman, Alberta, Debbie and Dean Ward experienced the loss of their 21 year old daughter, Charity.

She and her friend Susan were headed home in the early morning after visiting school chums in town for Christmas break. Coming up a steep hill—just moments from Charity’s house, her car lost control, rolled and crashed along the side of the road.

Charity’s body was crushed under the vehicle and she sustained a traumatic head injury. Emergency personnel responded and within minutes. An officer was at the door, asking for Dean, who works as jail guard for the local RCMP detachment.

"H e told me Charity had a bad roll-over,” Dean recalls. “There was a faint heartbeat and I had to come with him. She and Susan were taken to the hospital a couple of minutes away.”

The officer felt strongly that Debbie should stay behind, as the scene was would be too disturbing. She called her father and together they waited at home.

“We kept looking out the window, pacing,” she says. “I saw her vehicle being towed onto a tow-truck trailer. I hadn’t heard from Dean, I assumed no news was bad news. I made my Dad a coffee and waited.”

In the waiting room, Dean was ‘going crazy, sitting, standing,’ and waiting to hear about her status. He also worried for Susan, who ultimately had minor injuries. For over an hour, the medical team desperately tried to stabilize Charity. When the door opened and the doctor and a nurse walked toward him, he knew what they were going to say. After the terrible news, Dean made the call to his wife.

It was a moment where they believed they lost their daughter forever. Little did they know, her spirit would use a well-known Calgary medium and even modern technology as a means to reconnect.

Picking up the pieces was difficult, especially so close to Christmas. The couple’s two older children were devastated. Charity’s sister was pregnant at the time of the accident, and the family did their best to keep emotions at a controlled level while going through the grief process. Thankfully, the community delivered support with flowers, food and prayers.

Months after the accident, life was morphing into a new normal. Still, niggling questions needed to be answered. Dean and Debbie were quietly, desperately praying; searching and hoping for some kind of connection to their youngest child.

“Dean or I had never experienced the loss of parents or anyone close to us, except my late husband, so I always worried that because she passed and there was no one there to greet her,” says Debbie.

Taking a chance on their search for answers, they made an appointment to see Kim Dennis, a credible psychic medium, radio personality and former television host (Antiques Psychic) in Calgary. Not knowing what to expect, they quickly found their beliefs of life after death would change forever after the first few minutes.

Kim immediately identified Charity, who began to give them obscure and private details of her personality and certain life moments—including a particular argument that Dean and Charity had years before.

“She was a rebellious teenager, just as I was,” he says. “One day she was so angry, she threw a shoe at me. She apologized for doing this. Debbie also changed up her bedroom in preparation for the grandchildren, and Charity commented on how she liked what her mom had done with the room. Kim would never have known these details.”

The reading was filled with more and more information that left them speechless. At the end, they felt lighter and less afraid that Charity wasn’t so far away after all.

For the past decade, they have made it a habit to visit Kim up to twice a year, to connect with Charity and occasionally, other family members and even her male friend, Cody, who passed 18 months after her accident. Every visit, the information delights them and makes them laugh and cry.

Kim would often tell them of Charity’s efforts to leave physical hints of her presence. All would eventually occur and were confirmed by her parents.

One year ago, within hours after arriving home from an appointment with Kim, Dean wandered into the bedroom to retrieve his work tablet. He glanced at the screen and noticed a message. It stated that he missed a FaceTime request from ‘Charity Ward’.

“I had never used FaceTime, but the app is on the phone. Charity didn’t have an account--it didn’t exist when she died,” says Dean. “The request didn’t go on our joint iPad, just on mine. I was a mess, shaking, sobbing. After that I was speechless that Charity was trying to get a hold of me.”

In the most recent reading a couple of weeks ago, Kim had asked the couple if anything weird had happened with their cell phone. Nothing yet, according to Debbie. Kim told them to wait and see. They left the appointment, grabbed some dinner and made the drive back to Coleman. Within minutes on the road, a friend had contacted them telling them that a Facebook picture compilation featured one photo that showed up out of nowhere.

“At the end of the list of photos, there was a black screen with white letters that spelled out Charity,” Debbie said. “My friend didn’t know where that picture came from because she never posted it. This was just an hour and a half after leaving Kim’s place.”

For Debbie and Dean, they see Kim not only as a reliable conduit to their daughter and other family members, they see her as a friend whose goal is to help others expand their current understanding of death.

“For us, we were at a really dark place,” states Debbie. “You always want one more moment with your child, and for me it was to say I love you one more time, say how proud you are. I wanted to know she heard it. When Kim says she’s happy, not in pain, those were important things to help us carry on.”

Christmas has once again become an important celebration in the Ward family, especially with three active grandchildren. Dean says their perspective of what they thought they knew has changed and this time of year gets easier.

“I know that my child may not be here, but she knows everything we are doing, and what is going on,” he says. “We struggled through Christmas for many years but with Kim connecting with Charity helped us get to a better spot. It may not work for some people, but it worked for us. It just reassures you that one day you’ll be together again.”


For more information on this release, or to schedule an interview, please contact Kim Dennis at +1 (403) 283-8424 or email to Please note, Calgary, Alberta, Canada is in Mountain Standard Time (MST and -6 GMT).

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