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Private Reading

Price: $200 CDN

Not everyone understands how mediums are able to give insights into other people’s lives. The best way I can explain it is that I channel through to the souls connected to you who have passed away. By sharing a reading, I give people proof of an afterlife where the soul lives on.

People come for a reading for a number of reasons. Some come because of the death of a loved one. Others come for proof of an afterlife. And others come out of curiosity or a genuine interest in spirituality. Whatever the reason, most people leave with the knowledge that we are not alone and that our loved ones who have passed over have not left us.

Kim performs readings either in-person or over the telephone – she does not need to have you infront of her because the energy of the souls for you will come around her once you are in conversation. In-person readings generally take place at her home in Calgary but arrangements can be made for groups to take place in your city/town.

Readings are generally scheduled Monday to Friday in the afternoon or evenings.

If you live outside Calgary, click below to see my out-of-town schedule. Details on how to book for one of these dates are on the webpage.

Reading Dates Outside Calgary

Booking Procedure

Kim’s life is everything she envisioned. Her reputation, TV show, radio visits & simple word of mouth referrals have made it possible for her to help many people. However, there is only one Kim and only so many hours in the day so her popularity also means a longer wait to see her.

It can be a couple months before she has an opening. But it is worth the wait. Please be aware of this before booking.

Payment is due in advance at time of booking.

Readings are generally 40 – 50 minutes.

Must be 18 years or older or be accompanied by a parent.

Note: We do have a cancellation list, if you’d like to be on that it can be arranged when you call to book.

Online Payment (PayPal/Credit/Debit): Be sure to enter your daytime phone number on the checkout page. And after paying, please call 403.283.8424 to book your time.

Cheque: Please send it to: North Hill Postal Outlet, Box 65138, Calgary, Alberta, T2N 4T6. Please make cheques payable to: “Kim Dennis”. Include you phone number, and when we receive your cheque we will call you to book a reading.

By paying for a reading you agree to these terms. Thank you.

Psychic Talks Events

Price: $100 CDN

Come join Clairvoyant Kim at a small group event where she talks about spirituality, mediumship and answers questions from the group.

Clairvoyant Kim is a well-known psychic medium. Her events are an intimate way to experience spirituality, mediumship and receive answers from those who have passed away from someone who has spent years talking to the dead.

In her work as Clairvoyant Kim, medium Kim Dennis has helped thousands of people talk to those who have died, in private readings, radio and TV appearances, including her TV show Antiques Psychic, a Canadian television program from 2005–2007. Her insightful book, What’s Above?, a bestseller, has sold over 10,000 copies worldwide.

Today, Kim is a regular guest on radio and television stations and travels across Canada and to the U.S. offering readings and public presentations. Her goal is to educate and inform about life after death, how to live the best life, and bring peace to those who have lost loved ones.

What’s Above? Book

Price: $14.99 CDN

After years of promising people I would write a book, I finally have. By talking to spirits, I have learnt a lot about God, life and death. I wanted to share my journey so that others wouldn’t feel as alone or afraid of the other side. Hopefully it will comfort you.

Do you have questions about life & death? What’s Above can help you find answers. In her work as Clairvoyant Kim, medium Kim Dennis has spent years helping people talk to the other side in her private readings and radio appearances.

In this book, Kim describes how she came to accept her calling as a medium and writes about the many messages she has received from talking to spirits. She shares many incredible stories about how her readings have helped others, giving them insights that have inspired healing and hope.

What’s Above explains how you too can find your purpose, overcome feelings of loss and despair and live in an amazing, powerful new way.

List Price: $14.99 CDNPaperback – 106 pages

All copies purchased through my website receive free regular mail shipping & handling.

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