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May 21, 2010
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October 18, 2010

Below are some of the testimonials that I've received over the years.

Below are some of the testimonials that I’ve received over the years.


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your gift. I went to you on the recommendation of a friend so had not looked at your website. I was astonished at some of the detail, especially my father and our daughter and the black and white dog (Elmo) being met by my daughter. You had asked me about a note and bracelet that my daughter may have left and I said no to both. I shared my stories with our daughter Meg that afternoon and after 11 years she has told me her sister left a 2 page letter for her and a bracelet. She has never told anyone. I am reading the book you kindly gave to me and I am thankful for your insites knowing Danielle is happy and doing art which she loved and with her grandparents. I of course thought of questions I wanted to ask her and my dad after, I think I was overwhelmed and did not really know, but next time! Thank you so much.

Donna J McCallum


Hi Kim. It’s been over two years since I saw you for my reading and I just came across the tape and played it for the first time in many, many months.

I can’t believe how many things you said would happen have actually happened! My daughter at the time was quite serious with a guy from the United States, but you said she wouldn’t stay with him and would meet and marry someone closer to home. She is now engaged to a fellow from Kelowna and they plan to marry next summer. Let’s hope that little granddaughter you spoke of will be soon thereafter!

You said my mom would be put in a nursing home, and she was settled into one within that year. You told me that my dad would pass within two years, and he died almost two years to the day of the reading! My son was to meet a “chatty” girl with long dark hair, and they are apartment-hunting as I write you this note! You made my non-believer husband a believer that day!

Several other things have happened and I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to glimpse into your spiritual world! My sister and I hope to book a reading with you by phone in the near future. Thanks again Kim. You have an incredible gift!




I just wanted to Thank you Kim. This past year has been unbearable for me, not knowing if my husband was somewhere out there looking out for me and our infant daughter. All that changed yesterday when I met you. I now know that yes he is there watching our daughter grow into the little girl she is becoming and he does hear me when I tell him I love him and miss him. I now know for sure that he is in heaven and he is OK and Happy. Thank you Kim for helping see what I thought was already there, I will be eternally grateful to you for what you have done.

Thank You Again
Crystal Ziegler


Hello Kim,

Thank you for enlightening my day yesterday. Your reading for Jack & I was like a family get together with our past loved ones! I feel much closer to my Father, Niece and Brother now and forever. We plan on another reading later on this year from you.


Karen & Jack Borno
Canmore, AB


You did a reading for me this past winter. I wanted to contact you for a couple of reasons. First off I wanted to let you to know how impressed I am with the accuracy, detail and information that you were able to provide during my reading.
I have read over 20 books by various authors including yourself, as well as Sylvia Browne, John Edward, George Anderson, Robert Brown and Dr. Jane Greer among others. I have attended a “gallery-like group” (about 200 people) with John Edward and have recently had a private telephone reading with Sylvia Browne. At the risk of sounding like I might be questioning their amazing gifts or trying to diminish the value of their insight (because I’m not) I must say that you blew them all away Kim!

Calgary, AB

Hi Kim

I just had to e-mail and tell you how much I enjoy watching your show.
It sends chills up my back when people respond so favourably to what you tell them about their ancestors.
It must be wonderful to have a special gift that can make so many people happy.
I look forward to seeing you again on Sunday.

Betty Stark
Calgary, AB

Hi Kim,

I saw your show Antiques Psychic and LOVED IT!!!

The things I enjoyed about it were that the whole show was done with sophistication, style, and with the right touch of humour. You certainly amazed me at how your psychic ability could pick up names of people who had passed over without hesitation. There was no guessing and fumbling with names … this really truly awed me. Also, the history of the objects, who owned them and their connections. You definitely make believers out of non-believers and you have been given a wonderful gift from God. I look forward to seeing all your shows!!!

PS: I have seen other similar shows that were so cheesy, melodramatic, and so theatrical with dim lights, candles, and bad camera filming, that after 5 minutes I was turned off, vowing never to watch it again.

Zoe Deems
Calgary, AB

Dear Kim,

I’ve been meaning to e-mail you to let you know how much I enjoy your TV show! Just watching it makes me feel at peace and a little connected to my own ‘dearly departed’. Your show is on my very short list of “Must-See-TV”
Keep up the great job you are doing and I hope we get to watch you on TV for a very long time to come.

Yours Truly,
Gil Lange
Calgary, AB

Hi Kim,

My name is Kadey, I had a reading with you last night.
I have to say that that was the most amazing thing. I just feel such a sense of calmness now that i know my grandparents are here with me. You said my cousin would have another baby and it would be a girl….well I phoned her this morning, and she told me that she thinks she is pregnant….UN REAL!!
I thank you again for what you have done for me, my wedding will be that much more amazing knowing for sure that my grandparents are there to see it. I don’t’ have words to explain how i feel today.

Katherine Cryderman
Calgary, AB


I want to say a big Thank You for all of your help.
Since I have been able to see you my life as started to change in a positive way.
You have taken a big load of my back about my brother’s passing. Today was the second time that I saw you and you made me feel good once again.
I wish you could be in my seat to feel the relief that I have now. All this because of you.
I believe there is a reason that I went to see you and it is a very positive one. You have had a big effect on me. I feel privileged to have been able to see you.
Once again, thank you

Louis Bourbonnais
Calgary, AB

Hi Kim! March 2006

I wanted to fill you in on some things that have happened since you did a
reading for me in September.
I had called the radio show to ask about my getting pregnant. My husband and I had just began trying and you reassured me that it wouldn’t take us long to conceive and we are now 4.5 months along! You had told me to e-mail you when I found out I was pregnant, not IF I found out, that was so reassuring! You had said that you could see me holding a pink blanket in the near future and that a little boy would soon follow. You had also said about there being bed rest at about 8 months.
Well to validate your predictions, my sister in-law was put on bed rest in October at 8 months along and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl in November!
We aren’t going to find out the sex of our baby, but we are certain from intuition and your reading that we will have a boy! I also asked you about the health of our child because I have a condition called Spina Bifida and you assured me the child would be healthy. We have done a battery of tests
they confirmed your assurances, the baby is fine! I wanted to thank you for the peace of mind you have given me! I appreciate what you do and hope to have a reading done with you in the near future!

With much gratitude!


Dear Kim

I just wanted to say that I am enjoying your show immensely.You are truly gifted and I love how you read and show affection towards the people you meet. There are so many people out there and that falsely claim to be a medium it ruins it for the ones that truly are gifted. I hope one day to be in your presence because you have such a strong ability to see. I truly appreciate how well you approach and share your gift. I hope you continue with your show as I am sure you are getting more respect and world known.
Wishing you all the best a big fan.

Christine Grigor
Innisfil, Ontario


Dear Kim,

It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are a very special person.
Your gift is amazing. The first time I came to visit you I brought my brother and it was a very special reading. Through you, my mom told him that he did not need to feel bad after her passing, that he had been the best son a son could ever be.
He had done all he could for her. My 50 year old brother sat there on your sofa with tears rolling down his cheeks. I nor anyone else in our family even knew that my older brother was harboring such strong feelings of guilt. But it was the first thing my mom, through you, said to him. That alone was worth our visit. Then you announced that somebody special was getting married.
And it was my niece Tracy, she was special because she was my mom’s first Grandchild. And she had only announced her wedding plans days before our visit. And the two of them had been together for about 7 years with no plans to get married so it was really big news. You told my brother that our father was proud of his oldest son who was going to school to be a mechanic like his grandfather. You also told us that he would leave his job in Calgary and get one in a small town. He is now working at a large dealership in High River and doing very well indeed. You reported that one of my son’s would become a fireman. Well, you were right, except it was one of my brother’s sons. You thought it was my son because my mom must have been saying the name KELLY. But my nephew who has since joined the High River Fire Department is named after me. We call him Mr. Kelly!!!!! Amazing again! You said my mother has seen the new farm and did my brother’s land have a creek running through it. Well it wasn’t until we left that we realized our mom was showing you the land my sister, north of Edmonton, had just purchased.
Mom was, of course, telling us that, though she is on the other side, she is still with us and close to us always. You said many more things that have since been proven exactly correct. My sister was having some trouble with one daughter, you said she would come around and she has, thank goodness.
The second time I came to visit you I brought my sister. And again, amazingly, the visit was all about her. She had been suffering for 12 years after the passing of our dad. She always felt he left her too soon, abandoned her. First you described our dad perfectly and said he had passed from heart trouble.
My sister felt him in the room so strong she actually had chest pain.
You relayed to my sister that my dad was with her still and had seen her new farm and house and land and was very proud of her. You described a very special place where they used to go together and talk and have fun. And my sister told you it was the garden bench at the end of the Calgary horse racing track. It was a special thing that the two of them would do together as they both loved horses very much. My sister left her visit a changed person, feeling close again to her father and knowing that he was with her still, cheering her on in her day to day challenges. Last evening was my most recent visit to you. Of course, you were once again amazing. Being there with you I always feel close to my mom. Your reassurance that she is always nearby helps a great deal with the pain of missing her. I know she is close by, I know I can talk to her anytime and she will hear me, but somehow just you hear you talk to her is still very reassuring. So, I just wanted to thank you again for your special spirit and your special gift that you unselfishly share with the world.

God Bless,
Kelly Shelley
Calgary, AB


  1. Jacqueline Callihoo says:

    Wow. I dont know what to say. I must admit that I am one of those sceptics that has a very hard time believing that people can really have this kikd of gift for real but after reading your testimonials, I must also admit that now I am really curious.

    I would love to have a reading done from you so that I can see for myself. How can a person go about getting an appointment set up with you?

    Thank you for the heartfelt stories and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Sincerely jacqueline

    • Kim says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Thanks for your comment.

      If you would like to book a reading, the easiest way is to go to http://www.clairvoyantkim.com/products-page/ to order a reading. Once you’ve requested and paid for one then my assistant will contact you to arrange a time. Please be aware that I am booking a few months in advance.

      I look forward to speaking with you.


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