May 17, 2012
Couple finds life again after loss miracle child

Calgary couple finds life again after loss of ‘miracle’ child

Months later, in the midst of a desperate attempt to connect with Nicolle, missing her terribly, Greg and Elona visited a clairvoyant. The woman said she saw Nicolle, who told her parents if they wanted to have children, to go ahead, that she had a baby brother and sister waiting for them. The brother, she had said, would arrive first.
January 1, 2011
Avenue Magazine

Psychic: Meet Calgary’s Own Clairvoyant

April 10, 2008

Missing Answers – Medium Receives Cold Case Clues

Kim Dennis has been having a lot of visions of dead people lately, but that’s not unusual.
January 7, 2005
Psychic Revelations

Psychic Revelations

Our reporter dips into the paranormal with visits to a palm reader, a spirit medium and a tea leaf diviner.
June 4, 2004
The Antiques Psychic Show

The Antiques Psychic Show

Wendy Krowicki cups a tarnished silver napkin ring in the palm of her hand and waits for her turn in form of the television cameras. It was a gift her aunt, who was also her godmother. “She gave it to me at my christening,” Krowicki says.
November 15, 2003
Clairvoyant Leaves Lasting Goose Bumps

Clairvoyant Leaves Lasting Goose Bumps

The hair on my neck stood straight up, and I had goose bumps all over. Driving home after a one-hour session with Clairvoyant Kim, I felt completely overwhelmed by what had just happened.

My Psychic Journey

M  ediumship came naturally to me. Growing up, I always found what I needed at each stage. My gift for mediumship first started to appear in my twenties when I would simply know things.

Eventually I asked God for help and, bit by bit, the pieces started to fall into place. The right books and the right people came into my life to help me in my journey. As I gained confidence, I started doing readings for people.